Bragging Rights

Bragging Rights

Over the years BONKERZ has won several awards including:

Best Comedy Club in a Casino (Casino Player Magazine), Best Comedy Club 2006 (Casino Magazine), Best of Orlando CitySearch (2010), Best Comedy Club in Orlando/Central Florida 2010 (Daytona Review Journal), and Best Comedy Venue in La Vegas 2010 (Las Vegas Review Journal)


BONKERZ is the Official Audition Site for:

- America’s Got Talent
- NBC’s Stand up For Diversity
- Star Search
- America’s Funniest Peop


BONKERZ is the Home Club To:

Larry the Cable Guy,

Carrot Top, Billy Gardell,

and Daryl Hammond SNL


National Spotlight:
In the past four decades,

BONKERZ has been featured on Showtime Networks, Comedy

Central, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and The Howard Stern Show.

















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